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    Come and discover our sea with its unique and beautiful depths, our trails and breathtaking views, castles, towns and cities full of charm and history, unspoiled nature and all the other wonders of our territory.

    Sistiana Bay

    Enjoy every moment of your vacation: the main beaches are just a few minutes away.
    Set in the Natural Reserve of the Duino Cliffs, the Bay with its typical crystal-clear sea and rocky seabed, provides two beach resorts: Caravella and Castelreggio.
    Whichever you choose, you will find both free beach areas and equipped beach proprieties, a variety of bars, restaurants, and numerous leisure activities.


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    Le Ginestre

    Opened in the summer of 1960, this precious and ancient cove of almost wild beauty is one of Trieste’s most popular beaches: a row of wooden huts and rock slabs plunging into the sea, white pebbles and fragrant broom bushes that give it its name.

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    The Natural Reserve of the Duino Cliffs

    Characterized by high, steep limestone coasts overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Reserve offers rich biodiversity, with Mediterranean and Balkan-type vegetation, including the Austrian black pinewood.

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    Rilke Trail

    The Rilke Trail runs along the coast on a panoramic route overlooking the sea. It begins in Sistiana, at the Infopoint, and ends at Duino Castle.

    It is named after the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who, as a guest at Duino Castle, was inspired for the first verses of his “Duino Elegies”, precisely during a walk on this scenic route.

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    The springs of Timavo River

    In the nearby town of San Giovanni di Duino, Timavo River reemerges after its around 80 kilometers underground journey to finally flow into the sea.

    It is a place rich in history: in fact, a thematic trail among World War I trenches and caves begins here.

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    Mt. Ermada

    Nestled in the nature of the Trieste Karst, the open-air Museum of Mt. Ermada offers a chance to discover the Austro-Hungarian defensive line fortified in 1916.

    Accompanied by experts, one can enter into the many natural caves used in wartime and capable of holding hundreds of soldiers, or into the even more numerous shelter-caverns dug into trenches and sinkholes.

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    The capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia captivate any tourist with its Mitteleuropean soul mixing so many cultures, historic cafes, art and squares.

    Its Piazza Unità d’Italia is the largest one in Europe overlooking the sea.

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    The Castle of Duino

    Built on top of a Roman outpost and the home of Princes della Torre e Tasso, it consists of a lush park, the new castle and the old ruins, which are still extremely evocative and inspire many romantic legends.

    One for all is that of the White Lady, a female figure shrouded in a veil, evoked by a large, particularly candid, polished rock overlooking the sea.

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    The Miramare Castle

    On the tip of the Grignano promontory, the castle enjoys a panoramic position par excellence.

    Built between 1856 and 1860 on the behest of Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg, this luxurious aristocratic mansion preserved with its original furnishings is surrounded by a large park enriched by various species of trees with non-European origins, imported by the archduke himself during his many travels.

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    The Karst is known for its splendid tourist routes capable of always leading us to new vistas.

    You can enjoy scenic trails, parks, rock gyms, castles and reserves.

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    Excursions by Bike

    Your two-wheeled adventure begins in Sistiana, just a few kilometers from the hotel.

    The network of routes on forest tracks and mountain bike trails is extensive and often filled with breathtaking views.

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    Alpe Adria Trail

    The Alpe-Adria-Trail is a 43-stage route, totaling 750 km, connecting Carinthia, Slovenia, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia: it leads from the foothills of the Großglockner, through the most beautiful mountain and lake regions in Carinthia, and ends in Muggia (TS).

    The route has minimal elevation differences and can be done in either direction. Along the way there is at least one attractive culinary offering.

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    Snorkeling & Diving

    Whether you are a neophyte, expert or photographer, discover the wonderful rocky seabed just a few kilometers from our Hotel.

In the Bay of Sistiana, Sistiana Diving offers you some guides and instructors authorized by the Duino Cliffs Nature Park management body, as well as all the necessary equipment for rent.

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    Food and wine culture

    The typical cuisine of Trieste and its province is mainly influenced by Slovenian, Austrian, Venetian and Friulian flavours. Thanks to the lay of the land, which is rich in caves, the production of different underground aged cheeses has developed. Characteristic wines include Vitovska and Teran, to which a road from Opicina to Sistiana is dedicated: it leads to the main wine-producing localities.

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    The Osmize

    Traditional meeting and refreshment points among the villages of the Karst plateau, these are private houses or wineries where it is possible to eat, drink and buy typical products, such as wines, sausages, salami, cheeses and eggs. They are named after the Slovenian word “osem” – meaning “eight” – as were the days that Empress Maria Theresa of Austria originally granted to Karst farmers to sell their produce. These days, this custom keeps alive the sharing spirit of local residents.

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